Project Management


Project Management Training for Project Managers and their Team


Customized Project Management Training „On the Job“


Within my individually customized training sessions, all participants learn about the most important basic topics of project management (classic to agile). Not only theoretically, but also practically - on demand immediately by means of a real project of your company. Only if the project manager and his team did grasp the interrelation and approach of project management, they will be able to lead their project to maximum success.



Besides the learning by the project manager and his team, another goal of the training sessions is to raise the awareness of the reporting to the management board as well as the importance of satisfied stakeholders.


Clearly arranged utilities will be presented in the training and used in the practical exercises. By this, parts of the project organization are done already during the training session. 

A potential part of the training could be the placement of agile or lean project management methods (if desired by the customer). 


As an addition and completion I recommend for the immediate time after the training an Agile Project Start Workshop (see right side) and/or an individual coaching.

Agile Project Start Workshop

Lauching complex projects in a structured way:

Up to 5% more EBIT at the end!


Our learnings from the past was, that projects, starting too slow and unstructured, finished so-so or not successfully at all. Out of this experience, with colleagues from SIEMENS VDO, I developed a methodology to facilitate the project launch: Individually customized and facilitated agile project start workshops, so called 
PACKT - Workshops [1] .


Right at the beginning of the project, after such a 2 to 3-days workshop, under the lead of an experienced facilitator, the project team has defined its own project, has structured it systematically and has organized it well. The team is now familiar with agile methods, roles are clear and rules are agreed upon.


Every participant knows how to handle the different stakeholders. The goals were deployed to the level of each team member, communicated in detail and captured.

The organization of the project, e.g. the organizational-hierarchigal mapping of every single team member, their function, their responsibilitiy and the content of their work in the project is conjointly agreed upon by all and visualized. Especially the first extensive draft of the planning is agreed and fixed.

The path to the first sprint is visible.


We used this standardized method with many projects of all kinds and sizes, more then 2500 in 10 years. In comparison to similar projects without start workshop, we could proof a substantial improvement: Through less failures (jap: MUDA) we gained up to 5%-points more EBIT!


It pays off indeed!


[1] Project Acceleration by Coaching Know-How-Transfer and Teamwork ®