Facilitation (lat. facilis: effortless) makes work for the workshop participants so much easier. According to my understanding, the facilitator is the one who leads through the entire workshop. He designes the workshop in a way to most effectively support the customer (e.g. the PM and his team) to reach best result in shorts time.


As facilitator I introduce outstanding knowledge of methods and take care for the participation of all team members, to profit the most from the common work. 


My way of facilitation is based on a holistic point of view, e.g. I am resource-oriented, solution-oriented, intuitive and I prefer posing question to giving advice.  I am convinced, that I can reach the best results with exactly this team, I am working together with in their workshop.



My focus is on solution, because all challenges are created by humans, so they can be solved by humans.


Commonly in a workshop: effortless! 

Facilitator Training

For companies, who like to train their own personell in the way to effectively facilitate project start workshops, I offer a special training session. This way, the company is more flexible with the assignment of the own staff and does not need external facilitators anymore.


Based on the facilitation techniques, described on the left side, the training comprises the following topics:

  1. Basic Facilitation Methods for Project Start Workshops
  2. Team Development Techniques for Facilitators
  3. Facilitation of Intercultural and Virtual Teams
  4. Difficult Situations for Facilitators

Each of the training sessions is adapted to the needs of the participants and their company. The training is usually conducted by 2 trainers and the duration is between 3 days (2/3/4) and 4 days (1).


Between the training sessions, the participants should conduct their first workshops to gain important experience for the next session. 


After actively participating in the whole curriculum and conducting at least 4 workshops, the participant can apply for a certificate of a PAKT 2 [1] -Facilitator.



[1] Project Acceleration by Knowledge Transfer and Teamwork ®