Barbora Muzikant

PMO Manager, Lead Country AU, SIEMENS Ltd. Australia


"Peer Hirschbuhl was my trainer and mentor along my career path development to become a fully certified PACT (Project Acceleration through Coaching & Teamwork) Facilitator during the years 2013/14. 

Peer’s expertise and experience in the Project Management discipline was essential in developing and training the basic modules, demonstrating the application of the different facilitating techniques on practical examples in a group environment simulating the Project Team experience. 

Peer also demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the psychological aspects during the development in order to prepare me for the environment of international project teams, dealing with inter-cultural issues and how to cope with the difficult situations in the PACT workshops. 

Based on Peer’s training and subsequent support I was able to build my knowledge to a high level of standard to become confident in developing new modules which fit to the requested targets of the Project Manager, who orders the PACT workshop. And furthermore, I’m now able to run workshops not related to PACT, e.g. root cause analysis, risk analysis, employee satisfaction workshops and really apply my knowledge to any type of workshop as and when required. 

I would recommend Peer as a trainer/coach/mentor at anytime, he played an essential part in my personal development and was instrumental in furthering my career path within the Siemens company, enabling me to perform my work to the highest standard across the Asia-Pacific region."


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