Your Motivation for a Coaching could be for example:

  • Project Management tasks 
  • Challenges from or within your team 
  • Leadership topics
  • Changes of processes etc.
  • Implementation of new methods, e.g. Lean/Agile/Scrum
  • Life topics in general
  • ...

Coaching for me means company, attendance, empathy.


I will go your way, commonly with you, the path you strike with your own authority. I Support you with questions, that rise through the cooperation: I will give impulses, which you will take and use for the work on your topics.


There will be no predefined process, but a common proceeding, according your conceivabilities, needs and abilities.


Methods, that proved to be very helpful are for example:

  • reproduce your system with items, that can be moved, to find a good path that will bring you forward: to yourself, your surrounding, into your life.
  • Walking, really walking a common path. We move physically and therefore we move our thoughts. Incorporate, let go, experience the new

Most modi operandi arise spontaneously and intuitively, adapted to you and the topic we are working on.


And all of that in good and safe company.