About me

My name is Peer Hirschbühl.


I am an open-minded, cosmopolitan person. I support other people and companies as coach, trainer and facilitator.


Having worked over 20 years in different areas of industry, I gained a wide spectrum of experiences, on human as well as on technical side. Leaders, Project Managers, Coaching-Colleagues and Workshop-Facilitators all over the world appreciate my invaluable impulse during our cooperation, which they profited very much of.  (s. also Customer Voices).


For many international teams I conducted workshops. I supported them during and after the launch of their project, systematically, well structured and target-oriented. I put my customers forward, with the goal, to reach the best results commonly.


As a man with many interests, I love to exchange views and opinions with other people. My nature is lively inside and quiet outside. Perception, Listening and Empathy are important qualities of mine. I give impetus, that go deep and have a sustainable effect.